How I get inspired

I am in the  Azores Islands, sailing from one island to another and I see so many inspiring things, architectures, landscape, graffiti, and also museum .

In Horta I went to the post office where beside mail they sell books , children’s book from local writers and artists . Among the others I found one very interesting: TOMAZ com Z  illustrated by Urbano which is mostly a portuguese painter and sculptor; I like his colorful free shapes and technique.

And surfing on internet looking for some info about him I found an italian  website with cultural subjects and among the other a post with beautiful illustration for Pinocchio made by another painter and sculptor italian Mimmo Paladino

In Terceira the third island of Azores I visited the regional  museum  based in the old Franciscan convent  and in the cloister i saw the  Alice’s rabbit in azulejos   made by  Anton Dacosta  another Azorean artist for an underground station in Lisbon.

I like the fresh quick line  and sketches .




8paladinojanv073mimmo paladino


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