Gilgamesh is one of the most ancient epic of the world. I discover it when I was in Abu Dhabi. It’s an epic from the ancient Mesopotamia . The story is located in Iraq and tells about a great King Gilgamesh who was king of Uruk. who oppressed his people.

The gods sent  another man, a wild one  called Enkidu to stop Gilgamesh abuses. Enkidu was wild in the forest and became civil through a prostitute. She told him to go to the city to fight Gilgamesh.

They fight and they became inseparable friends.

Then Enkidu had a terrible dream. Gilgamesh to distract him told him to go to kill Humbaba the demon of the ceddar forest .

The following illustrations are for this first part of the story. I made them as a digital collage, putting together drawings and photos. I get the chance to participate with the first three in a online magazine, Revolutionart magazine in 2011. I put them also in my Flickr account

This is a big project of mine. I was planning to illustrate the complete story but then I abandon  the project.  The art work is not ment to be an editorial illustration but like the ancient tablets, an object  a series of thick and rigid supports for the  pictures.

Here below the four tables:

1 Gilgamesk the one who saw all,
2 Enkidu and the prostitute
3 Enkidu fight with Gilgamesh
4 Gilgamesh and Enkidu killing Humbaba



GilgameshAA1OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGilgameshandEnkiduAA3Gilgamesh&Humbaba

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