Smell of sailing adventure

The smell of sailing adventure

Today the 8th of November 2020 started the 9th edition of the Vendée Globe.

The sailors participants are prevue to sail alone non stop passing the three cape around the globe . The last edition 2016 record was 74 days. For all the 33 participants including 6 women it will be a long challenge focusing on keep the track, manage the high tech boats keep the communication, eat regular, try to rest when possible but nobody mention personal care and clean. After all in the ancient days, Phoenician sailor use to have ritual before departure at sea and during navigation. Those ritual were no shave, no wash themselves and no cut the fingernails.
Simple things very common in a normal life become not important in this kind of competition and sailing. I try to imagine the “smell of adventure” after three months sailing no stop in high speed.

Drawing published in Bolina magazine on September 2016.

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