Tall Ships in Horta

Some months ago , in 2021 I started a new project in a squared sketch book 12 x 12 cm. ( I will make a video clip about ) drawing mostly after photos of my traveling and sailing.

These following pictures are taken in April 2022 in Horta marina. The interest of these pictures for me is that I had always find difficult to draw sailing boats, boats and ships, but with the help of the camera and the small size of the paper and also the essential technique I finally reached a good result.

Horta marina in Faial Island , Azores is on the way back from Caribbean to Europe and many tall ships -among other interesting boats- who are often sailing schools, stop there in April May .

I am intersted not only in the ship itself but also in the people working on it . After a long route everyone have some repair to do. ( see also http://ovni345.blogspot.com/2022/04/tall-ships-horta-azzorre.html)

Eye of the Wind Germany 1911
…. unknown

Helena, Finland 1992
Cahallenge Ocean Libertalia VOR 1992, and Gulden Leeuw, Dutch 1937
Sorlandet, Norway1927, Le Biche, Groix, France 1934

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