Gijón sketchbook

From 2021 to 2022 I started a sketchbook to collect my feelings through different point of view and places where I have been.

We ended up in Gijon and here there are some pages of Gijón. Any way it is a kind of work in progress.

Arrival in Gijón. Harbour and marina view.
The harbour is inside the city town and from the berth we can see the statue of the symbol of Gijón, King Pelayo. The town is plenty of modernist buildings
Cider “sidra ” is the most popular drink and it is served in a special way. On the left page there two “Isidrino ” bottles . On the right page the bus station ALSA.
The “Sidra Tree” made with empty bottles of cider and a “sidreria” with the man who serve the drink in the typical way.
San Lorenzo beach in the east part of the town, with the old town in the background Cimavilla on the Santa Catalina hill.
Antroxu is the Asturian name of Carnaval which is very popular and everybody is dressed up. There is a parade in costume.
Marriage in the old church of San Pedro in Cimavilla with the band in costume with bagpipes.
My Postcard


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