Abu Dhabi

Marina pencilCollage Abu Dhabi

3 August 2009

this is the date of my first year in Abu Dhabi. I made this collage with the pages of  THE NATIONAL  one of the most popular newspaper in Abu Dhabi.


Abu Dhabi has been for me full of activities, works, events, friends and sailing.

In Abu Dhabi I taught art, Cartoon animation,Print

At THE  CLUB, www.the-club.com/
I painted set for the pantomime.

The workshop  for children AWRAQ  at the Abu Dhabi international Book Fair  2010 and 2011.

I made the calendar 2012 for the Italian association CICER, and the book cover  Recipes in Abu Dhabi.

The most important activity for me was the activity in the women group ARTIST2ARTIST  with Hee Jin, Marty, Vera and many others. With them we organized two exhibitions. One Hee Jin and myself , “IMAGES OF ABU DHABI” and the others with all the ladies of the group.


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