boy tap tap


This page is about  my  animation,  drawings in  motion, animated gif, and clip.

I use to work with  Flash  and  Pencil, which is an open source software  very basic to create animation by drawing.


short animation for RE VIRUS, by Atelier del Cartone Animato 

Details here

Hello World. (Gym Boy) with Pencil

Women’s Time is made with Flash.

I learnt about animation  working in a small company of media production and  with ” Trick FIlm” of  “Il Cappello e le Nuvole” Later I  studied  it at the Fine Arts Academy.

Sneeze or Starnuto is one of my first exercise with pencil:

So I started with  drawing and Decoupage and later  I learnt to make it by computer.

Muri is the collective work  at the workshop   de “il cappello e le nuvole”.

Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 5.25.56 PM

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