Miss Nutella’s Chocolate Factory

 My Art workshops and class

Miss Nutella Miss Nutella’s Chocolate Factory  is the nickname my students gave to me in Abu Dhabi.
Nutella as per Antonella.

This page is about my teaching experience, from Italy to Abu Dhabi  and Malta.
I dedicate it to my students through the works done together.

The workshops are about animation and art ( drawing and painting).

miss nutella

Cartoni-DanteWebSITOIn Drawing in Motion 2013-11-05 4.18.28 PMApril 2013 in Malta  I held a workshop for children,  on flipbooks and stop motion
at  Società Dante Alighieri: Drawing in Motion


In 2011 I held a workshop for the Museum International Day 
organized by the French Alliance.Abu Dhabi

The workshop was two hours long. I worked with children of different ages starting from 5 to 12 Years old. Here below the final work: the animated gif:

250705_209906689044308_5380023_n  229469_209905855711058_7373603_n


Adrien animated gif

Adrien animated gif

Thibault animated gif
Thibault animated gif
Ulysse animated gif
Ulysse animated gif


In 2010  I held a workshop “Make your own Book”  with a friend  – Awraq – at the Abu Dhabi International Book Fair.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn Abu Dhabi I taught Art classes ( drawing and painting) to three girls as private lessons.


In 2009, in Abu Dhabi I taught  for  Children summer class  at the Abu Dhabi Women’s College    with  the help and the guidelines of  Atelier del Cartone Animato.
You can see the result here  http://www.animato.it/anim-2010-abudhabi.html


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